Best Headlines are not for SEO

My friend Vicki Berry has just done that very useful video on how to measure if a headline is going to have an impact on your reader or not. I thought it would be worth sharing it in my blog because it is a tool I will definitely use in the future.

Vicki is one of the first person I have been in contact with when I started looking for opportunities to make money online. She introduced me to network marketing, which I had not considered before, and since then has been shouldering and motivating me in that field. But she is not only a very experienced network marketer, she is also a pro on blogging and on online marketing. You should check her blog out on MLM Dream Savers.

I am really grateful to Vicki Berry to have helped me manœuvre through the internet marketing pitfalls and to still be here for me when I need it. Thank you Vicki 🙂

I hope that this tool will be as useful to you as it will be for me.

This was just a short one from me Folks but until next time 🙂