Marketing Tip: 5 ways to put your Email Call To Action to work

I have subscribed, on LinkedIn, to several streams of information and one of them is “Marketing”. I get lots of really interesting articles and one of them caught my attention because it is something I would definitely use in an email campaign.

This article comes from “Marketing Land” and is very comprehensive.

In resumé, the five ways to put your Email Call to Action to work are:

  1. Image can cost you sale: too heavy to load or being disabled by the email recipient
  2. Focus on Value and Direction: always focus on the next step
  3. Repeat your call to action (CTA): use a P.S
  4. Use urgency: give deadlines
  5. Test unique formats

If you are interested in the subject, I really advise you to read this article from “Marketing Land” as it is full of seriously good tips.

’till next time, bye for now.