Facebook – How to motivate visitors to click on your links


In my research,  I found a fantastic blog and website “Wishpond.com“. It is manna for the hungry 🙂

This site is just a fantastic source of information on how to drive free traffic to your social media pages and I have already downloaded two of their free eBooks on Content Marketing and Contests & Promotions on Facebook.

Fresh from Wishpond blog is an article on 8 sure ways to drive link clicks on your Facebook posts.

In short, the 8 ways are:

  1. Give a preview with a “See the whole thing: [Link]” Call-to-Action
  2. “Our Contest is on! Enter to win [Blank]: [Link]”
  3. “Want [Blank]? Check out [Blank]: [Link]”
  4. “Learn how to [Do Something]: [Link]”
  5. “Need to [Solve a problem]? Here is an easy way to do it: [Link]”
  6. “First-Time/Behind-the-scenes/Exclusive” [Blank]: [Link]
  7. “Check out this great [Food/Beverage/Item]! Click here for the Recipe: [Link]
  8. **Bonus  – Drive more clicks with links to Facebook page tabs

Reading the entire post completely opened my eyes to what was possible on Facebook and especially on how to use Facebook in a constructive manner to drive traffic to a page and obtain leads without needing to spam groups or my own timeline…

I really want to succeed online without having to resort to online pollution!

I actually don’t even read the posts which come from the groups I am part of anymore. It is a real turn off to see all these “get-rich-quick” schemes which do not bring any added value. I might be a bit old fashioned (that’s probably my age lol :-)) but I am certain that I can achieve my goals while still being able to keep my ethical values. I want to be able to build a strong following and a list of people who can relate to me and not people who are going to unsubscribe from my list as fast as possible because they feel pressurize to part with their money.

Maybe I am still full of illusions… Let me know how you feel on ethic in affiliate marketing, I would be interested to get your feedback.

Well Folks, that’s all for today, I am looking forward to write another post for you very soon.

My Audience… Who are you?

Today I wanted to ramble about my audience (that’s a big word :-)). When I first started researching ways to make money online, all I could find was about targeting your audience. But what or should I say who is my audience? It is very nice saying that you have to target your audience but when you don’t know the first ABCs on online marketing, just hearing “you have to target your audience” gives you a bit of an eczema…

I was seriously hesitating and procrastinating on starting a blog because I was just panicking at what I would write for my “audience”. What am I going to write about, how am I going to be an authority, how will I get customers etc etc. Well, I had a few sleepless nights about it, I even downloaded blogging for Dummies for Heaven sake… 

Then I saw that video from Jay Kubassek and the light shown! Literally, I got my break, I knew what I was going to write about, I was just going to be MYSELF. Yes, no gimmicks, no artifices, no nothings, just plain me 🙂 I decided that if I were to be successful in this business it would be because people could relate to me and trust my opinion. I would just explain my story, my struggles and hopefully my path to success.

(this is a 2 min shot from the 45 min seminar – you can find the whole thing on YouTube).

So, for the time being I will concentrate on finding out if making money online is possible but I will definitely extend my blog to the other subjects which nearly brought me to my knees (such as my constant fight with my weight and my struggle in finding a right balance in my relationship with my husband – men are from Mars and women from Venus type of things lol).

I am not only going to talk about struggles (that would be way too depressing!), don’t fret, I am also going to share the fun in having two dogs and a cat and also the “extraordinary” fun in completely overestimating ones abilities in renovating a “huge” farmhouse… But well, this will be for future posts :-).

Well Folks, that’s another ramble from me and if you still enjoy reading me, then please follow me 🙂