My Audience… Who are you?

Today I wanted to ramble about my audience (that’s a big word :-)). When I first started researching ways to make money online, all I could find was about targeting your audience. But what or should I say who is my audience? It is very nice saying that you have to target your audience but when you don’t know the first ABCs on online marketing, just hearing “you have to target your audience” gives you a bit of an eczema…

I was seriously hesitating and procrastinating on starting a blog because I was just panicking at what I would write for my “audience”. What am I going to write about, how am I going to be an authority, how will I get customers etc etc. Well, I had a few sleepless nights about it, I even downloaded blogging for Dummies for Heaven sake… 

Then I saw that video from Jay Kubassek and the light shown! Literally, I got my break, I knew what I was going to write about, I was just going to be MYSELF. Yes, no gimmicks, no artifices, no nothings, just plain me 🙂 I decided that if I were to be successful in this business it would be because people could relate to me and trust my opinion. I would just explain my story, my struggles and hopefully my path to success.

(this is a 2 min shot from the 45 min seminar – you can find the whole thing on YouTube).

So, for the time being I will concentrate on finding out if making money online is possible but I will definitely extend my blog to the other subjects which nearly brought me to my knees (such as my constant fight with my weight and my struggle in finding a right balance in my relationship with my husband – men are from Mars and women from Venus type of things lol).

I am not only going to talk about struggles (that would be way too depressing!), don’t fret, I am also going to share the fun in having two dogs and a cat and also the “extraordinary” fun in completely overestimating ones abilities in renovating a “huge” farmhouse… But well, this will be for future posts :-).

Well Folks, that’s another ramble from me and if you still enjoy reading me, then please follow me 🙂

Niche…. Ô my little Niche !

Continuing on the subject of researching my niche market, I’ve found some really useful tips on clickbank. After registering on their site, I started surfing and watched their tutorial videos. I must say these videos are really well made and very informative.

As a newbie in the affiliate business, it is quite good to find sources of information which give you the real deal. Not once in the videos did I hear that being an affiliate marketer was easy 🙂 I guess it helps reassuring me that all these fantastic opportunities of secret ways of getting rich in 7 days, that I ignored, were not worth my time and money. I must say that it is very hard ignoring those…. They are very compelling, usually the scripts are quite good and the persons talking to the camera are well rehearsed actors which gives you this need to open your wallet, take your credit card out and purchase whatever magical solution or code they are selling! Well, to tell you the truth, I got caught a couple of times… Thank god for the fact that my credit card was up its limit lol!

Well, enough of the non-existent magical ways to make an income online and back to niche market research.

Apart from Clickbank, what I found very helpful is to find mailing list’s brokers and to look at what type of lists they have. That usually gives you a very good idea of what type of people are buying out there. You can research by location, keywords, gender, buyers etc. etc.

To use a mailing list is not free. You need to buy the service from the broker and they send the emails, not you, but I personally think that is money very well spent if you make sure that the email brings the prospects to your landing or squeeze page so they can opt-in to your own list.

A useful site is

Also, something I am definitely convinced about is that I will have to relate in some ways to my niche. I will not be able to promote products I do not believe in and I will have to build a relationship with my list so I cannot fake that type of things. For one thing, if I need to be an authority of some sort to my list, why would I try to promote something I have no clue about? I guess some people do not have that kind of problems but for me it would definitely be a hurdle too many! I might also be too ethical and I would definitely not be comfortable trying to convince people of the wonders of something I did not believe in. Well, I think I should extend on that subject  in another post as I need to keep ideas in store for future use 🙂

Therefore, that will be all for today Folks, I hope you enjoyed your reading and do not hesitate to leave comments or suggestions.

Well… Long time no see ;-)

This weekend I have decided that I was going to update my blog more regularly. I actually would like to create my own page so it would look more funky and personal than the WordPress blog.

First of all, I have to update you on my search to find the best way to earn money online. I was really motivated at the beginning of the year but then an event in my personal life made it very difficult to allow time and energy to do something else than caring for my family.

I am still in contact with Vicki Berry who keeps on motivating me to continue my efforts in networking for the cash back program but I seemed to have lost all self confidence and contacting people to talk to them about this program seemed completely overwhelming!

I also had to abandon the Chris Farrell Membership because of lack of funds on my credit cards… CFM was a great way to learn the basics but now I need something a bit more meaty !

But first of all, I need to replenish my credit card because earning money online does not come without hard work and spending a little bit of money. The getting rich quick schemes are just “BS”, nobody can succeed in this business without having clear goals and a bit of strategy. The basics are a web site and an autoresponder which both cost a few hundreds dollars per year.

So now I’m psyching myself to success and I started reading a lot on self-improvement especially from Jim Rohr and Zig Ziglar. I am also reading a book on positive thinking by Ms. Peiffer. It definitely helped reading these books and what helped as well was finding that I was not the first person to whom this type of things happened. It is just a question of picking yourself up and finding this inner energy which will allow you to go on.

One of my main problem though, is the completely non-support from my husband. He is sure that everything to do with business online is a scam. He laugh at my face when I tell him that I will be successful. So I have to keep believing in myself which sometimes is hard.

At the moment I am concentrating on doing research on which niche I am going to target and also which products would be the best to promote to these niches. I already have a few ideas which needs exploring further.

One thing I am realizing while writing this post is that I already know a lot more now than what I did in January and it is actually very motivating!

If I keep going on like that I should be able to get closer to these goals of mine!

Well folks, that’s all for today but I promise I will be back soon 🙂

Chris Farrell Membership

Well, I’ve just finished with the quick start section of Chris Farrell tutorial. It is brilliant stuff, I feel very empowered.

He is a brilliant teacher, simple, clear and very interesting. You cannot fall asleep.

Now it’s time to get to the nitty gritty, how to actually make money online!

I will now start the basic lessons and will let you know if it is helping. I am quite excited, it could be my new life starting very soon :0)

Will keep you posted…



Monday morning, never a very inspiring day… But I had a good weekend, friends were over from England and we did a bit of touristic tours, went to the Christmas market on Sunday in Montreux, it was really good.

I also found some time on Sunday morning to read my emails and found one from Vicki Berry, we are planning a meeting to discuss about the reward card scheme. I looked at the programme and now I am buzzing. It really seems interesting I just hope that in Europe, people will be as open to it as in America. I’ll keep you posted after I get more details from Vicki.

Therefore, my week does not start to badly, I have something very exciting to look forward to 🙂

T’ill the next post folks!


Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to keep a blog to follow my efforts at creating an affiliate marketing business online. Unlike most of the success stories I have read so far, I am not broke, not homeless and do not hate my life lol.

I just realised that at 46 I did not have much to my name and that I was not really happy with what I was doing. I am actually bored with my job and I would really like to earn enough money to be able to help all the charities which are close to my heart.

The question is, is it really possible to earn online?

So, I’ve decided to try it out. I started searching online for opportunities about 2 weeks ago and I found a site for paid surveys at home. It seemed like a genuine business so I joined for 37 dollars, but I soon realised that it was a farse to complete all these form and that wasn’t door me.

But one day I received an email from plaid surveys at home regarding affiliate marketing and I was immediately very interested. I didn’t know the first thing about affiliate marketing but it sounded exciting.

As soon as I registered my email to get more information, I got totally drown under promises of get rich quick schemes! And to tell you the truth, if my credit card had not been up to its limit I would have probably opted in in a few of those and loose my money for nothing!

I got slightly frustrated and started searching for genuine people who had succeeded. By  searching Network Marketing VT I read a blog by Vicki Berry and then downloaded her ebook “Achieving 7 level of network marketing success” . By doing that I received a very personal email and a very nice contact with Vicki. That was my first genuine contact on line with someone with experience and not harassing me with scam emails. Thank god for people like Vicki!

A few days later I received an email from one of the “harasser” but with a content which draw my attention: it was about Michael Cheney’s IPO, as the price to join was 500 dollars, I did not even consider it and anyway, my credit Cardin would have gone quack quack… I was intrigued though. I weren’t to look up Michael Cheney band what I found was only positive. He is a bit showing off but he has 15 years of success behind him so I didn’t take his suggestions lightly.

In one of his reviews, he spoke about Chris Farrell Membership, and highly recommended it. So, I went to look him up and I was really impressed with what I saw.

Therefore, I’ve decided to join Chris Farrell Membership to learn all about online marketing and I am going to keep you posted about my progress.

Well then, I think it is enough said for one evening, just watch this space, I might be able to buy the Louis Vuitton bag I saw this afternoon in Geneva (only 13’700 francs) in a few months Lol.