Facebook – How to motivate visitors to click on your links


In my research,  I found a fantastic blog and website “Wishpond.com“. It is manna for the hungry 🙂

This site is just a fantastic source of information on how to drive free traffic to your social media pages and I have already downloaded two of their free eBooks on Content Marketing and Contests & Promotions on Facebook.

Fresh from Wishpond blog is an article on 8 sure ways to drive link clicks on your Facebook posts.

In short, the 8 ways are:

  1. Give a preview with a “See the whole thing: [Link]” Call-to-Action
  2. “Our Contest is on! Enter to win [Blank]: [Link]”
  3. “Want [Blank]? Check out [Blank]: [Link]”
  4. “Learn how to [Do Something]: [Link]”
  5. “Need to [Solve a problem]? Here is an easy way to do it: [Link]”
  6. “First-Time/Behind-the-scenes/Exclusive” [Blank]: [Link]
  7. “Check out this great [Food/Beverage/Item]! Click here for the Recipe: [Link]
  8. **Bonus  – Drive more clicks with links to Facebook page tabs

Reading the entire post completely opened my eyes to what was possible on Facebook and especially on how to use Facebook in a constructive manner to drive traffic to a page and obtain leads without needing to spam groups or my own timeline…

I really want to succeed online without having to resort to online pollution!

I actually don’t even read the posts which come from the groups I am part of anymore. It is a real turn off to see all these “get-rich-quick” schemes which do not bring any added value. I might be a bit old fashioned (that’s probably my age lol :-)) but I am certain that I can achieve my goals while still being able to keep my ethical values. I want to be able to build a strong following and a list of people who can relate to me and not people who are going to unsubscribe from my list as fast as possible because they feel pressurize to part with their money.

Maybe I am still full of illusions… Let me know how you feel on ethic in affiliate marketing, I would be interested to get your feedback.

Well Folks, that’s all for today, I am looking forward to write another post for you very soon.

5 Social Media Rules every entrepreneur should know

This is another very educating post from “Entrepreneur Magazine” but slightly frustrating for me. I’ll explain: One of the most important rule is “quality content”, as in blogging, but how can I know that I’m having a good or interesting content when I write my blog? All I can do at the moment is sharing my journey and the things I read which I find helpful in learning my new skills but is it worth my reader’s time?

Here I go again with my insecurities, as would Jay Kubassek say, it’s my little parrot or monkey talking over my shoulder, letting me know that I cannot string two sentences together and that I don’t have anything interesting to write about! I should just gag the little devil and keep on believing in myself!

So to come back to these five rules, here they are :

  1. Produce Quality Content
  2. Be open and engaging
  3. Focus on a specific Niche
  4. Use Social Media to build your business and vice-versa
  5. Embrace each Social Network’s unique culture

So, I am pretty confident on about two of them but the rest is still a work in progress… My two strong ones are number 2 and 5 but for the other one I still have a lot to learn.

From the very beginning when I started this adventure, I decided that I was going to be myself and definitely not try to act or play a game. I know that one of my strong point is my easiness at being with people and in interacting with them so I guess that the rule about being open and engaging fits me pretty well :-). And regarding the fifth rule, it is not very difficult as, at the moment, I am only using Facebook lol!

I told myself I had to go on Twitter but I am actually scared… Stupid isn’t it? I don’t want to spend hours each days on social media and maintaining contacts and contents on Facebook is already taking enough of my time. The most important for me at the moment is to get these blogging skills under my belt before I start twitting away 🙂

In conclusion, I can only recommend that you read this article from “Entrepreneur Magazine” it is really interesting and it definitely gave me some extra knowledge to add to my bag of tricks.

Well, that’s all for now Folks and do not hesitate to comment or give me any suggestions, it is always appreciated.

Spamming groups on Facebook. Is it really the way to go?

Today I’m in the mood for a rant! Yes, that’s right, a rant!

In my networking efforts, I thought it would be good to be part of some like minded groups on Facebook to exchange ideas and promote businesses but I never imagined that the results would be that my facebook newsfeed would be totally highjacked by people spamming these groups with their wonderland get rich quick schemes!

I don’t know if Saturday is the day when everyone things, YEAH we have a full day to copy and paste as many badly written promotions as possible in as many groups as possible on Facebook! Do people really spend their time doing these type of things? Wouldn’t their time be put to better use actually learning how to market a product professionally instead of spamming groups? I have noticed that the specialists in these kind of messages where the one trying to promote “Empowered Network”. It’s a scheme where you pay USD 25 to register and another USD 25 every months as a membership. This membership  allegedly open the doors to all sort of trainings and tips to increase your network and leads but the truth of the matter is you have to find as many people as possible to purchase the USD 25 membership for you to make any money whatsoever…

To tell you the truth, a few weeks ago, I nearly got caught in it…. Started chatting on Facebook with this young woman who was telling me how fantastic that program was to get more than 500 leads per week etc. but she was so pushy that I immediately put my brakes on (something I absolutely cannot stand is pushy people) and didn’t opt in on her link and thank god for that :-).

Well, to come back to my ranting, I am a bit fed up that groups created to allow people to network with each other are taken over by people who do not want to put in the effort to build a genuine business. There are so many opportunities out there but very little are genuine and/or ethical. All I see around me are get rich quick schemes and my understanding of it is that people are getting more and more desperate to get out of the rat race. I fully understand that because I am the first wanting to get out of the rat race but I also want to build a long term income and not just some short lived burst of money.

But with all that, I still don’t know if I should come out of these groups or stay. I am afraid that other members are like me and just ignore whatever is published by other members of the group which, in my view, makes being a member of these groups completely redundant! It is a bit of a dilema.

What would you do in my place? Stay or leave?

Well Folks, that was my Saturday night burst, I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Have a great weekend and until next time.