Versatile Blogger Award – My nominations

I was really humbled by my nomination to the “Versatile Blogger Award” by my friend Jennifer Ebermann. Jennifer has a fantastic blog “Mindful Leadership & Intercultural Communication” where she shares her knowledge on intercultural communication and on mindfulness. She is a great leader and Coach and I am convinced she has a great future ahead of her as a person of influence.

I was so humbled by this nomination because I have seriously started blogging only about 10 days ago and I am slightly amazed by the number of people who liked what I am writing about. As of today I have 101 likes! For me it is already a great achievement!

So If you also want to participate in the “Versatile Blogger Award”, here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly
  • Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

My nominations for the “Versatile Blogger Award” are:

And here are the 7 things you should know about me:

  • I love my two dogs “Patch” and “Beni”, I’m actually crazy about them and my husband might sometimes feel left out 🙂
    Beni on Sofa Patch in fountain
  • I get attacked on a regular basis by my Bengal cat “Bavu”, he loves to jump, all claws out, on my back when I’m brushing my teeth…Bavu the nasty cat
  • I love travelling and discovering new cultures
  • I am a bit obsessed with looking for alternative ways of earning a living and achieve financial Independence
  • My husband has introduced me to DIY and house renovation and now I have the bug. We already renovated two houses in England and are now trying to renovate our farm house in Switzerland (but that’s another story :-))
  • I am always mothering everyone and I have to learn to let go and let people take their responsibilities
  • I often need reassurance in new things I am doing, wanting proof that it’s good.

Well, this post is a bit different from the other ones I did up to now but I really think that this “Versatile Blogger Award” is a fantastic way to share the blogs we like.

One day at work… why do I want the digital lifestyle so bad !

With this post I wanted to take you through one of my typical day at work just to help you understand why I want that digital life so badly. I am the Facility and Health and Safety Leader for a big multinational headquarters, my wage is far from bad but working just to get the pay check is really not very inspiring.

I have some fantastic colleagues and thank god for that because the rest of the employees are quite high maintenance! Being a Facility Manager means that you have to be at disposal of everyone and you are expected to jump straight away whenever there is a problem (i.e. the toilets are not cleaned, it is too hot, it is too cold, the air is too dry, the photocopier is not working properly etc. etc.). When you are managing a building with 350 people, it is a bit stressful at times and that is only the half of my job 😉 The other half is taken by the Health and Safety side and that is not much better, there is a lot of policies and procedures to write and implement, risk assessments to do and to tell you the truth, it is a bit boring.

My main problem is that I worked for 10 years for the International Committee of the Red Cross where I travelled extensively, worked in various countries in Africa, Middle East and Asia and had the most motivating job helping victims of war. So now, I am always comparing what I am doing with what I used to do and frankly speaking the comparison doesn’t fare well for my current job lol!

People around me are constantly stressed, overworked and afraid of loosing their job. Due to the overall world economy, a lot of my colleagues have been made redundant and not been replaced so their jobs falls on the desk of the remaining employees. Most of the employees are expatriates who moved to Switzerland for a job and if they loose their job, they don’t have much left. Sometimes they cannot even leave Switzerland as they have children at school and have built their social life in their new country. If they go back home (being the UK, US or anywhere else in the world) the wages are much lower, schooling might not be as good and they will also have to re-establish a social life. You can imagine that this overall scenario does not create a very good atmosphere at the office… This drives me even more in wanting to succeed in earning money online!

My ultimate goal is to be able to have the financial independence which would allow me to create a small charity, having enough money to live without counting and on top of it having more than enough to give to a needing cause. For me, this would be the ideal digital lifestyle! I guess I still have a long road ahead of me but I am ready to learn and to work hard to get there, there are no other ways as I am not in the mood to rob a bank 🙂

Well Folks, I don’t know if this post rings some bells in you but if it does, I’d love to hear from you, so do not hesitate to comment herebelow.

My Audience… Who are you?

Today I wanted to ramble about my audience (that’s a big word :-)). When I first started researching ways to make money online, all I could find was about targeting your audience. But what or should I say who is my audience? It is very nice saying that you have to target your audience but when you don’t know the first ABCs on online marketing, just hearing “you have to target your audience” gives you a bit of an eczema…

I was seriously hesitating and procrastinating on starting a blog because I was just panicking at what I would write for my “audience”. What am I going to write about, how am I going to be an authority, how will I get customers etc etc. Well, I had a few sleepless nights about it, I even downloaded blogging for Dummies for Heaven sake… 

Then I saw that video from Jay Kubassek and the light shown! Literally, I got my break, I knew what I was going to write about, I was just going to be MYSELF. Yes, no gimmicks, no artifices, no nothings, just plain me 🙂 I decided that if I were to be successful in this business it would be because people could relate to me and trust my opinion. I would just explain my story, my struggles and hopefully my path to success.

(this is a 2 min shot from the 45 min seminar – you can find the whole thing on YouTube).

So, for the time being I will concentrate on finding out if making money online is possible but I will definitely extend my blog to the other subjects which nearly brought me to my knees (such as my constant fight with my weight and my struggle in finding a right balance in my relationship with my husband – men are from Mars and women from Venus type of things lol).

I am not only going to talk about struggles (that would be way too depressing!), don’t fret, I am also going to share the fun in having two dogs and a cat and also the “extraordinary” fun in completely overestimating ones abilities in renovating a “huge” farmhouse… But well, this will be for future posts :-).

Well Folks, that’s another ramble from me and if you still enjoy reading me, then please follow me 🙂

Well… Long time no see ;-)

This weekend I have decided that I was going to update my blog more regularly. I actually would like to create my own page so it would look more funky and personal than the WordPress blog.

First of all, I have to update you on my search to find the best way to earn money online. I was really motivated at the beginning of the year but then an event in my personal life made it very difficult to allow time and energy to do something else than caring for my family.

I am still in contact with Vicki Berry who keeps on motivating me to continue my efforts in networking for the cash back program but I seemed to have lost all self confidence and contacting people to talk to them about this program seemed completely overwhelming!

I also had to abandon the Chris Farrell Membership because of lack of funds on my credit cards… CFM was a great way to learn the basics but now I need something a bit more meaty !

But first of all, I need to replenish my credit card because earning money online does not come without hard work and spending a little bit of money. The getting rich quick schemes are just “BS”, nobody can succeed in this business without having clear goals and a bit of strategy. The basics are a web site and an autoresponder which both cost a few hundreds dollars per year.

So now I’m psyching myself to success and I started reading a lot on self-improvement especially from Jim Rohr and Zig Ziglar. I am also reading a book on positive thinking by Ms. Peiffer. It definitely helped reading these books and what helped as well was finding that I was not the first person to whom this type of things happened. It is just a question of picking yourself up and finding this inner energy which will allow you to go on.

One of my main problem though, is the completely non-support from my husband. He is sure that everything to do with business online is a scam. He laugh at my face when I tell him that I will be successful. So I have to keep believing in myself which sometimes is hard.

At the moment I am concentrating on doing research on which niche I am going to target and also which products would be the best to promote to these niches. I already have a few ideas which needs exploring further.

One thing I am realizing while writing this post is that I already know a lot more now than what I did in January and it is actually very motivating!

If I keep going on like that I should be able to get closer to these goals of mine!

Well folks, that’s all for today but I promise I will be back soon 🙂