Traditional entrepreneurs are yearning to “unplug” but I am yearning to “plugin”… What is the best?

I follow “Entrepreneur Magazine” on Facebook and today one of their article caught my eyes.

It is all about giving busy and stressed out businessmen/women a safe heaven to allow them to unplug. These places offer a retreat without phone or internet connections which gives the space and time to these stressed out individuals to unwind, relax and forget about their busy lifestyle.

I, on the other hand, am looking to reduce my busy lifestyle to one which will allow me to choose where and when I want to work but it will be with the help of technology (laptop and internet). What I am expecting, is that once my system is well in place, I will be able to go places, unwind and relax but with my business still working in the background and paying me commissions. I will not have to worry that if I go away one or two weeks I will come back to work with hundreds of emails to be dealt with and stack of files to sort out.

Traditional Lifestyle vs Digital Lifestyle, I will definitely choose the latter !

Read the article, for me it was another eye opener.

Thank you for your comments and reactions to this article. ’till later Folks.

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