Niche…. Ô my little Niche !

Continuing on the subject of researching my niche market, I’ve found some really useful tips on clickbank. After registering on their site, I started surfing and watched their tutorial videos. I must say these videos are really well made and very informative.

As a newbie in the affiliate business, it is quite good to find sources of information which give you the real deal. Not once in the videos did I hear that being an affiliate marketer was easy 🙂 I guess it helps reassuring me that all these fantastic opportunities of secret ways of getting rich in 7 days, that I ignored, were not worth my time and money. I must say that it is very hard ignoring those…. They are very compelling, usually the scripts are quite good and the persons talking to the camera are well rehearsed actors which gives you this need to open your wallet, take your credit card out and purchase whatever magical solution or code they are selling! Well, to tell you the truth, I got caught a couple of times… Thank god for the fact that my credit card was up its limit lol!

Well, enough of the non-existent magical ways to make an income online and back to niche market research.

Apart from Clickbank, what I found very helpful is to find mailing list’s brokers and to look at what type of lists they have. That usually gives you a very good idea of what type of people are buying out there. You can research by location, keywords, gender, buyers etc. etc.

To use a mailing list is not free. You need to buy the service from the broker and they send the emails, not you, but I personally think that is money very well spent if you make sure that the email brings the prospects to your landing or squeeze page so they can opt-in to your own list.

A useful site is

Also, something I am definitely convinced about is that I will have to relate in some ways to my niche. I will not be able to promote products I do not believe in and I will have to build a relationship with my list so I cannot fake that type of things. For one thing, if I need to be an authority of some sort to my list, why would I try to promote something I have no clue about? I guess some people do not have that kind of problems but for me it would definitely be a hurdle too many! I might also be too ethical and I would definitely not be comfortable trying to convince people of the wonders of something I did not believe in. Well, I think I should extend on that subject  in another post as I need to keep ideas in store for future use 🙂

Therefore, that will be all for today Folks, I hope you enjoyed your reading and do not hesitate to leave comments or suggestions.

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