Chris Farrell Membership

Well, I’ve just finished with the quick start section of Chris Farrell tutorial. It is brilliant stuff, I feel very empowered.

He is a brilliant teacher, simple, clear and very interesting. You cannot fall asleep.

Now it’s time to get to the nitty gritty, how to actually make money online!

I will now start the basic lessons and will let you know if it is helping. I am quite excited, it could be my new life starting very soon :0)

Will keep you posted…



Monday morning, never a very inspiring day… But I had a good weekend, friends were over from England and we did a bit of touristic tours, went to the Christmas market on Sunday in Montreux, it was really good.

I also found some time on Sunday morning to read my emails and found one from Vicki Berry, we are planning a meeting to discuss about the reward card scheme. I looked at the programme and now I am buzzing. It really seems interesting I just hope that in Europe, people will be as open to it as in America. I’ll keep you posted after I get more details from Vicki.

Therefore, my week does not start to badly, I have something very exciting to look forward to ­čÖé

T’ill the next post folks!


Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to keep a blog to follow my efforts at creating an affiliate marketing business online. Unlike most of the success stories I have read so far, I am not broke, not homeless and do not hate my life lol.

I just realised that at 46 I did not have much to my name and that I was not really happy with what I was doing. I am actually bored with my job and I would really like to earn enough money to be able to help all the charities which are close to my heart.

The question is, is it really possible to earn online?

So, I’ve decided to try it out. I started searching online for opportunities about 2 weeks ago and I found a site for paid surveys at home. It seemed like a genuine business so I joined for 37 dollars, but I soon realised that it was a farse to complete all these form and that wasn’t door me.

But one day I received an email from plaid surveys at home regarding affiliate marketing and I was immediately very interested. I didn’t know the first thing about affiliate marketing but it sounded exciting.

As soon as I registered my email to get more information, I got totally drown under promises of get rich quick schemes! And to tell you the truth, if my credit card had not been up to its limit I would have probably opted in in a few of those and loose my money for nothing!

I got slightly frustrated and started searching for genuine people who had succeeded. By ┬ásearching Network Marketing VT I read a blog by Vicki Berry and then downloaded her ebook “Achieving 7 level of network marketing success” . By doing that I received a very personal email and a very nice contact with Vicki. That was my first genuine contact on line with someone with experience and not harassing me with scam emails. Thank god for people like Vicki!

A few days later I received an email from one of the “harasser” but with a content which draw my attention: it was about Michael Cheney’s IPO, as the price to join was 500 dollars, I did not even consider it and anyway, my credit Cardin would have gone quack quack… I was intrigued though. I weren’t to look up Michael Cheney band what I found was only positive. He is a bit showing off but he has 15 years of success behind him so I didn’t take his suggestions lightly.

In one of his reviews, he spoke about Chris Farrell Membership, and highly recommended it. So, I went to look him up and I was really impressed with what I saw.

Therefore, I’ve decided to join Chris Farrell Membership to learn all about online marketing and I am going to keep you posted about my progress.

Well then, I think it is enough said for one evening, just watch this space, I might be able to buy the Louis Vuitton bag I saw this afternoon in Geneva (only 13’700 francs) in a few months Lol.